Lumina™: Improvement through awareness

Lumina™ provides performance benchmarking that turns your audit data into opportunities. Using Big Data analytics, we can provide a unique insight into the management system performance of companies like yours.

The Lumina tools provide instant insight into your management system’s performance. Manage and benchmark your total performance, identify improvement paths and enable decision making. See how you compare against competitors and understand the risk areas for any standard and industry. 

The insight shared stems from analysing audit findings from 70,000 customers worldwide. Analyzing the information hidden in your company's audit data, Lumina benchmarks your company against thousands of others worldwide. The analytics is based on our database of more than 2.3 million audit findings, increased by 350,000 findings per year. 

With the upgraded version of Lumina, you get even more. Access statistics of failures for any industry, you can compare your management system to a wider benchmark. You also get high-level statistics of failures for any given standard and apply the insight if looking to extend your management system to new standards. 

Lumina is free for DNV customers. The insight shared through the online dashboard can easily be complimented with additional benchmark reports. Lumina lets you know where to improve and how you measure up.