Main features

Lumina™ is a unique set of tools that analyses the performance of your management system,  enabling benchmarking both internally as well as against industry peers.

Use the online dashboard to set queries and browse data through an intuitive self-service interface, where more than 2.3 million audit findings from thousands of companies allow you to easily compare your own performance with that of reference groups. The new version of Lumina lets you browse the risks areas of any standard and industry.

With Lumina you get:

  • High-level statistics on failures for any given standard.
  • Industry benchmarks with statistics on failures for any industry.
  • An overall measurement of your management system's performance.
  • A granular description of the performance of your management system's different areas/processes.
  • A detailed benchmarking heat-map showing the areas for improvement.
  • Early warnings about the management system’s most common critical processes and strengths, for your Standards and for your industry sector.
  • Extensive internal benchmarking between units/sites within your organization.
  • A comparison with a benchmarking reference group.
  • A trend-line analysis over time.

With insight from Lumina, you can easily identify and prioritize the management system areas which need to be improved.

Benchmarking report and workshop

Our experts can also help you obtain a better understanding of your data and key benchmarks. Define a benchmarking group and the extracted results will be shared in a workshop. Our experts will run through your management systems' strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.