Scope 2 Dual Reporting

Update to GHG Protocol Corporate Standard and Scope 2 Dual Reporting

Following the rapid growth of mechanisms that allow consumers to choose a low-carbon grid delivered energy supply, the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard has published an amendment to Scope 2 emissions reporting.

What are the key amendments to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard?

  • Companies are now required to produce a dual report, disclosing one Scope 2 emissions figure according to a location-based method and another according to a market-based method.
  • The emission factors for the market-based method must meet the GHG Protocol’s new Scope 2 Quality Criteria.
  • Companies should disclose the key features and policy context of their contractual instruments (energy certificates or supplier specific information).

Are you ready for Dual Reporting?

A Readiness Assessment & Review can help you prepare for dual reporting:

  • Explains the change in reporting requirements
  • Assesses whether planned updates to your calculation methodology comply with the amended guidance
  • Evaluates the extent that existing evidence of contractual instruments you hold meet the new quality criteria
  • Highlights any gaps, making it easier to prepare before year-end reporting deadlines
Speak to us and see how Dual Reporting Readiness Assessment & Review can support your emissions reporting.