Communication of your social and environmental impacts provides evidence of your organisation's commitment to sustainability.

Candid communication of your social and environmental impacts can provide compelling evidence of your organisation’s commitment to sustainability. Through print, online or more innovative channels such as video, a credible report tells a story of how a company identifies, understands and manages its impacts, supported by data, clear targets and case studies.

The most common challenge companies’ face is to create a balanced communication that transparently explains both achievements and challenges, avoiding ‘green-wash’ that undermines the credibility of your communications.   

DNV’s long history of helping both first time reporters and established reporters to develop and improve their approach places us in a unique position to support companies at any stage of reporting maturity. Our knowledge and depth of experience comes from advising global clients on all aspects of their sustainability strategy and reporting.

Every client needs a different level of support depending on the resources they have available. We can support you by providing guidance on a communications strategy, materiality, how to apply global standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), data collection, gathering information from content owners, writing, design and post-publication activities.