Global Opportunity Assessment

Turning sustainability risks into business opportunities

Sustainability opportunities are the key driver for innovation and future business success. But do you know what the opportunities are? Have you got all the management arrangements in place to make it happen?  Do you need a source of inspiration and challenge, as a catalyst to change?  Are the leaders in your company ready to listen, engage, respond and inspire? What type of commitments and pace of development will work in line with your core business strategy?

The Global Opportunity Assessment, developed by DNVGL and Sustainia, can tell you where you stand, and what you need to do next to fulfil the potential that these sustainability opportunities offer your company. 

‘Business will not succeed in a society that fails’.  The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underline the role that business has to play in making a more sustainable society. The long list of SDGs illustrates both the urgency and the complexity of the issues the world faces. For many companies this represents a clear challenge – how to respond and demonstrate a contribution towards these issues, in a way that first and foremost helps to build a sustainable business. 

In our recent Global Opportunity Report, we identified 15 opportunities.  These opportunities are each inspired by a risk or challenge of global importance. For example, the risks of increasing emissions from transport, give rise to opportunities for flexible mobility, crowd transport, and low transport cities.  The global food crisis also highlights opportunities for new diets, smart farming techniques, and the reduction of food waste.  These opportunities build on those identified for the 2015 Report, and act as a foundation for the work behind the 2017 Report which is just beginning. 

These opportunities demonstrate new ways to make the best of systemic risks.  The opportunities are not easy shortcuts to achieving the SDGs, but they can provide inspiration for businesses seeking to operationalise the broad ambitions behind the goals.  New markets are emerging for businesses that are able to see and respond to these opportunities, changing the business landscape at a rapid pace. 

DNV and Sustainia now offer a service to businesses that are seeking to build a strategic response to the SDGs.  Building on the Global Opportunity Report, our Global Opportunity Assessment provides a status assessment on how your current strategy relates to the SDGs.  The Assessment also delivers recommendations and creative ideas for how your company can build Global Opportunities into core business strategies and innovation processes.  The resulting report includes a roadmap to illustrate key stages and milestones, and makes recommendations on the types and levels of commitments that your company could make in response to the SDGs.  

About DNVGL and Sustainia
Driven by the purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, DNV enables organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their business. DNV provides classification, technical assurance, software, certification and independent sustainability advisory services to customers across a wide range of industries.  

Sustainia is part of Monday Morning, Scandinavia’s leading independent innovation house, turning risks into opportunities for society’s decision makers. Monday Morning has a global remit, working with partners from private, public and civil society sectors to present sustainable solutions and business opportunities through a variety of platforms, including its weekly current affairs publication.  Monday Morning founded and incubates Sustainia and the Global Opportunity Network.