Risk management

Turn your risks into opportunities applying risk-based thinking.

Every activity carried out by an organization involves certain risks. These could negatively impact environmental, safety and societal areas and cause damage to economic performance and corporate reputation.

Therefore, managing risk effectively helps you perform well in a context full of uncertainty and build sustainable business performance over time.

Our risk management services and solutions portfolio is mainly inspired by the most commonly used popular international standard for Risk Management - ISO 31000. We help you understand the core principles of Risk Management, assess your maturity and gaps, and integrate Risk Management into your management system.

When you have implemented a solid Risk Management platform and a Risk-Based Thinking, you are also better prepared to transition to the ISO 2015 standards, which requires the implementation of a systematic approach to manage risks.

Risk Management maturity

In our 2017 survey on Risk Management we asked respondents from 1563 companies about their awareness and use of Risk Management methodologies and techniques. The survey showed that these methodologies were known and used by a minority, which poses an opportunity for companies that seeks a leadership position in their industry.