UniGrid telecontrol 60870-5 test suite

Troubleshoot your IEC 60870-5 product and verify your implementation at any time

Troubleshoot your IEC 60870-5 product and verify your implementation at any time
Standardised protocols help ensure interoperability of equipment from different suppliers. So during the development of a new product, it’s important to regularly verify compliance to these standards. This allows you to quickly discover and fix any issues, speeding up the development cycle and saving costs. Moreover, a compliant product gives utilities maximum confidence to install and use it.

A complete solution 
To help you with all your IEC 60870-5 testing needs, DNV designed the UniGrid Telecontrol Test Suite. This easy-to-use software solution allows you to autonomously verify IEC 60870-5 compliance of your product at any stage of the development process.   

All IEC 60870-5 standard procedures are supported, and official 601 and 604 conformance test plans are seamlessly integrated. What’s more, the graphical user interface and built-in protocol intelligence make troubleshooting, active testing, protocol development, factory testing and site acceptance testing easier and quicker than ever.

The suite is available in 101 and 104 versions and includes:

  • IEC 60870-5 Simulator
  • IEC 60870-5 Analysers

World-class support
The test suite comes with a Service Level Agreement and full support. This gives you access to years of in-house knowledge and experience. Additionally, we are committed to regularly implementing customised functionality based on client requests.


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IEC 60870-5 test suite

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