Stakeholder Engagement

By conducting meaningful engagement with your stakeholders, we provide you with an in-depth understanding of the perceptions and expectations of your stakeholders, to help you deliver greater value, manage risks, and recognise previously hidden opportunities.

In this age of 24/7 communication, there is nowhere to hide and now, more than ever, stakeholders demand greater transparency and accountability from business. Structured stakeholder engagement can generate information and insight that has huge value in influencing company strategy, as well as managing risks, facilitating market development, securing licence to operate and informing innovation. 

Our approach

We support customers in navigating all stages of the stakeholder engagement process, from initial stakeholder identification and mapping, to engagement and response. 

Through systematic and proactive engagement with stakeholders, we help our clients to understand stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations of their organisation, and to open up a dialogue with stakeholders in order to respond to their key concerns and opinions.

We also carry out work to gauge stakeholder concerns on specific issues. This can be valuable if your organisation is planning to launch a new product, target a new market or start operating in a new territory, or if you are facing pressing sustainability challenges. It can also provide input into your materiality assessment.