ISO 44001 - Collaborative Business Relationships

Benefit your business by working together better

Collaboration can be a really powerful tool for achieving business success: think how much you could benefit from sharing resources, costs, contacts and opportunities. However joint work depends on the development of mutual trust and shared aims. To get the most from the opportunities of collaboration, DNV works with organisations to implement a collaborative business relationship management system using ISO 44001.

What is ISO 44001?

ISO 44001 is a new international standard providing a structure that helps organisations of any size or sector get the most benefit from collaborative working. The standard’s requirements direct users on how to identify, develop and manage collaborative business relationships. It can be applied to a single situation or relationship, multiple relationships or organisation-wide. Collaborations can be internal – e.g. between divisions or departments within an organisation. Or external – between organisations that find themselves working together. This is particularly effective when you enter into long-term contracts, but any business of any size or sector can gain from working collaboratively. It’s a question of designing and building relationships that produce mutually beneficial results for you and your business partners, which is what the standard is designed to do.  Incidentally, ISO 44001 also shares the same overall structure as the major ISO management systems standards so can be integrated with these other management systems.

Why is certification good for my business?

A collaborative business relationship management system certification gives potential collaborators confidence in your ability to get the most from a collaboration that works for both parties. At the same time, certification ensures a systematic approach that leads to:
• Stronger, more sustainable relationships
• A wider customer base
• Improved products and services
• Better business risk management 
• A sharper competitive edge

Where do I go from here?

To be certified you need to comply with the requirements of ISO 44001. We are a globally recognised third party certification body providing high quality training and ISO 44001 certification services. Contact DNV now and we can get you started on the road to certification.  If you are currently certified to BS 11000 with DNV or another Certification Body, please contact us today, to understand how to transition to ISO 44001.


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