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ESG & Sustainability Reporting

Companies are increasingly disclosing their social and environmental performance together with their financial reporting. Good communication helps to manage the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders scrutinizing your business, from investors, auditors and regulators to non-governmental organisations and the media.

What is the purpose of ESG and sustainability reporting?

​Producing a sustainability report that successfully communicates your performance to different audiences can be challenging. We help companies understand international sustainability reporting standards and guidelines and establish good reporting practices.

What and why

​ESG and Sustainability reports disclose performance along social, environmental, and – increasingly – economic parameters. Reporting can go a long way in satisfying stakeholders' demands for transparency on corporate responsibility issues. It is no longer enough to say that your company is a responsible corporate citizen that contributes to a sustainable world. You now have to prove it.

Credible communication contributes strongly to your company’s reputation and therefore to your company’s market position and value.

The term sustainability reporting is used to cover a broad range of online or printed formats in which companies report on their social, environmental, and economic performance. It is also known as triple bottom line or Corporate Responsibility reporting.

Sustainability reporting satisfies the need for a more holistic approach to corporate reporting on performance, beyond the purely financial disclosure. Improved reporting can also enhance internal management, as you expand the basis on which business decisions are made.

We apply our global industry knowledge and corporate responsibility expertise to help you compile useful and user-friendly sustainability reporting that will remain a valuable reference point and roadmap both internally and externally for the whole reporting cycle.

Why DNV - Supply Chain and Product Assurance?

Partner with us for a solution that improves your reporting and the process behind it.

We can help you organize and improve your reporting processes – from performance data selection and analysis aimed at your intended audiences, to structuring of content and stakeholder feedback collection.