Environmental, Social, Governance Services

We provide a wide range of ESG services with the purpose of helping investors, asset managers and company executives and managers understand and implement processes to deliver improved sustainability performance, more confident disclosures and demonstrable value to shareholders and stakeholders. Working with this range of clients we are able to provide a broader view about how to operationalise ESG.

Our range of services allow us to see the links and implications of decisions across a range of performance areas. They include:

ESG regulatory and framework advisory – Ensuring appropriate regulatory and framework alignment  through assessment and advisory services.

Operational ESG – Practical support in building ESG policies, procedures, systems and reporting frameworks based on good practice standards to support formal disclosures and performance improvement.

Climate risk – Improving understanding of climate risks and performance of controls to support decision making consistent with TCFD and EU Taxonomy requirements.

GHG strategy and accounting – Setting strategic targets and building the models to deliver them and demonstrate progress towards them.

ESG due diligence – Supporting buyers and vendors in understanding and presenting the ESG impacts and performance of transaction target companies.