Due Diligence

We provide vendor and buyer due diligence services for transactions in the energy, utilities, maritime and logistics industries. We leverage on the extensive knowledge of our global DNV team to support our customers on international deals.

The due diligence team can advise on the technical, environmental, decommissioning, OPEX and CAPEX risk exposures associated with the acquisition and divestment of assets.

Our clients include major investment banks, infrastructure funds, pension funds, private equity, commercial lenders and strategic players.

Our services also include:‚Äč

  • Techno-economic assessment
  • Research and innovation
  • Strategy and management consulting
  • Policy and regulatory advisory

Within this perspective, our overall objective is to help the energy sector to develop viable and economic solutions to decarbonize industrial and domestic heat, and support the energy transition to smart, flexible energy system as part of the route to net zero.