Data communication protocol training

Expand your data communication protocol expertise and improve your decision-making through in-depth training from experts with hands-on experience

Improve your decision-making by expanding your protocol knowledge and expertise
Open data communication standards are becoming ever more important for the energy industry. Interoperability of components and devices from different manufacturers must be ensured to avoid operational issues and / or vendor lock-ins. Critical infrastructure that is both safe and reliable depends on choosing the correct protocols and implementing them in an informed, secure manner. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned expert, expanding your knowledge of protocols will improve your ability to make the right decisions.

Whatever standard you need
DNV offers high-quality trainings for a wide variety of data communication standards and protocols. This includes but is not limited to:
  • IEC 61850
  • CS101 and CS104 (IEC 60870-5)
  • TASE.2/ICCP (IEC 60870-6)
  • DNP3
  • CIM
  • IEC 62351 and IEC 62443

Beginners or managers will gain a high-level overview of the standard, as well practical experience in testing or implementing it. Common pitfalls and best practices are also highlighted.

For those with more hands-on experience, the trainings give an opportunity to really dig in to the bits and bytes of the selected protocol. This can help you overcome specific problems and improve on current implementations. 

In addition, we offer test tools and the necessary training to help you get the best out of them. We can also support test labs who are looking to become accredited in setting up a testing and quality programme that meets the relevant user group’s needs.

All training sessions can be held at either our facilities or your site, depending on your preference.

Learn from industry leaders
DNV has built an unrivalled reputation of quality and expertise through decades of participation in user groups, standardisation bodies and research projects. Additionally, we are constantly improving by carrying out tests and real-life implementations for both manufacturers and end users. Our expert trainers draw on their extensive real-world experience in the field to provide trainings that guide you towards optimal decision making and strong results.


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