Certification services in infection prevention and control

To support owners and operators of all ship types and offshore units’ in demonstrating proper prevention, control and mitigation of infection risk, DNV - Maritime has developed a suite of related services. A selection of the services are addressed below.

Certification in Infection Prevention-Maritime (CIP-M) programme

DNV Maritime in cooperation with DNV Healthcare, offers a Certification in Infection Prevention-Maritime (CIP-M) programme. The CIP-M programme is an evidence-based protocol providing a modern, comprehensive and practical certification framework to help companies improve their management of infection risk in the maritime setting. Through annual surveys on board and company audits ashore, DNV verifies that a company maintains a detailed operational plan in compliance with the CIP-M requirements. CIP-M certification for a vessel is a demonstration of proper prevention, control, and mitigation of infection.

The expertise

CIP-M builds on the existing Certification in Infection Prevention (CIP) programme requirements released by DNV Healthcare USA, Inc. for hospitals in January 2019. CIP is based on leading healthcare standards and guidelines, including those of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization, the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as well as the ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard. Other related national and local guidelines are considered, where applicable. When developing CIP-M, class requirements as well as statutory regulations were considered, along with the possibility to include emerging international and industry association guidance. CIP-M is customized for a vessel’s reality, characteristics, and operations.

Since 2008, DNV Healthcare has accredited and/or certified more than 600 hospital facilities worldwide, with teams of experienced healthcare professionals including clinicians, experts in infection prevention, quality management, healthcare operations and environmental safety. Utilizing an alternative to traditional hospital accreditation by incorporating the ISO 9001 quality management system, DNV Healthcare has garnered extensive experience in infection risk management.

The value

For a vessel owner or operator, the certification, which is valid for three years, demonstrates an organizantion's commitment to prevent, control and mitigate infection risks vulnerabilities. It also supports an organization's efforts to build trust and confidence amongst passengers, crewmembers and other stakeholders. The CIP-M programme assists a company and its assets to be better prepared to address the challenges of today and any future emerging pathogens.

CIP-M crew and company training

Navigating the dynamic situation when a contagion presents, does involve many changes being implemented concurrently and on a very short timeframe. In order to achieve behavioural change and embed new processes, crews and company representatives must develop new competences. To support companies building awareness and understanding in the fundamentals of infection prevention and control, the existing DNV Healthcare training programmes have been adapted by Maritime Academy for use in the maritime industry. The Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Infection Prevention & Control training courses are available for relevant personnel, as well as a specific COVID-19 and Emerging Pathogens training course.

The courses can be delivered classroom style, or via flexible computer-based training (CBT) and short custom-made CBT modules can be created to reference a company’s specific procedures, checklists and other assets. The CBT method incorporates psychological concepts such as gratification, reinforcement and gamification, and provides auditable records of successful training completion. The company’s involved personnel onshore and onboard can be trained in accordance with their related activities and responsibilities.

Product assurance and certification

The market for infection prevention and control technology at this moment is developing rapidly (e.g., UV cleaning, antimicrobial surface coatings, HVAC equipment, etc.). Vessel owners and operators who choose to procure such items need to ensure that they are selecting the right products (equipment, systems) for the job at hand. Product Assurance and Certification is now available in this space through modified form of DNVGL-RP-A203 Recommended Practice for Technology Qualification, and in cooperation with Business Assurance.

The process involves a screening and categorization of a product performance claims, operational risks and which external parameters are important for proper functioning, followed by a critical review of existing evidence for the product’s performance. A risk-based gap analysis is carried out to assess the uncertainties associated with the application of the product in the maritime environment, including an assessment against the relevant Class and Statutory requirements. Product certification on satisfactory completion of qualification or testing activities includes specification of approved service conditions and any maintenance, testing and inspection regime that may be required.

Product assurance and certification applies a systematic and documented approach to product selection for owners, through third party assurance to the decision-making process. It can also help product manufacturers build customer confidence in their products and get them accepted to the market for use.

For other related service possibilities, please contact your local DNV representative.

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