Leading independent global energy company Neptune Energy chooses DNV as their single source ISO Management System Certification partner

The partnership will see Neptune Energy independently certified to international standards for Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001) and Energy Management (ISO 50001).

Spanning an initial 5-year period, the global contract covers eight countries, more than 250 operational and non-operational oil and gas assets and GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions verification (EU and UK ETS).

With teams based in Europe, North Africa and Asia Pacific to deliver its strategic ambitions, Neptune Energy is committed to meeting growing energy demand whilst reducing emissions. A key player in the UK energy arena, Neptune Energy recently announced it will spend more than $1 billion over the next five years securing energy supplies for the UK and speeding the transition to net zero.

Arjen Pos, Head of Quality at Neptune Energy, explained the drivers behind management systems certification: “To have certifications in all eight countries that cover the operations that Neptune Energy is involved in makes it easier to share successes across the borders of each country. The certification enables a uniformity of approach.”

Referring to the process of selecting DNV as global certification partner, Arjen added: “We were looking for a Certification Body that could operate in all the countries we have business in, and could handle multiple certifications. But this relationship, this journey, should not be reduced to simply having a certificate on the wall - it is much deeper than that. The partnership supports our commitment to transparency, to share lessons learnt, and to embed improvements across our organisation.”

Donna Holdsworth, Regional Business Development Manager in Business Assurance, DNV said “Our client-centric approach, and the practical experience gained in delivering complex global projects, enabled us to develop and deploy a robust and cohesive certification strategy, which aligned with Neptune Energy’s objectives. Being flexible and adapting quickly was key in setting up an effective certification approach, together with a clear understanding and appreciation of Neptune Energy’s business at both a strategic and operational level.”

With a dedicated project team to manage all elements of the service from planning to finance, DNV has developed a number of tools to assist with tracking of the project and utilisation of key information by those involved in audit delivery.

Through this partnership, DNV will work to support Neptune Energy’s ESG strategy, which sets out the actions the company is taking to produce energy in a safe, sustainable and responsible way. This includes helping Neptune Energy to adhere to international ISO standards, covering environment, energy and occupational health and safety.

Concluding, Myles Stevens, UK Sales Manager in DNV Business Assurance, highlighted the value of the partnership: “DNV’s vision is to support companies in protecting the planet, ensuring the safety of their employees and the wider stakeholder community that is touched by their operations. In working with Neptune Energy, we find a strong aspirational fit that has become the bedrock of our partnership. DNV is very proud to be a trusted support partner to Neptune Energy and, through working together, we know we can make a far more profound impact.”