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Key appointment for DNV GL’s new Future of Gas team in the UK

DNV GL has appointed Corin Taylor as a Principal Consultant in its new Future of Gas team in the United Kingdom.

Each year DNV GL produce a report which is an industry benchmark study on the outlook for the year ahead in the oil and gas industry. The 2019 report, ‘A test of resilience’, revealed that nearly two fifths (39%) of senior industry professionals in the UK said that they would be focusing on actively adapting to a less carbon-intensive energy mix in 2019. While momentum for long-term decarbonization is building, DNV GL has taken steps to fully offer to their customers, key adaptive skills to important focus areas in the UK; broadly the future of gas and decarbonization.

Corin Taylor, Principal Consultant, Future of Gas

The new team headed up by Graham Bennett, Vice President, Business Development, DNV GL - Oil & Gas will focus on the sector in the lead-up to 2050, as greener gases — including biogas, syngas and hydrogen — enter transmission and distribution systems. 

He said "CO₂ is warming the planet. Today, investment decisions must account for the need to decarbonize our energy system. We have been working with policy-makers, energy companies, investors and financial institutions in this pathway towards a low carbon future and I am delighted to welcome Corin to the team. Our research indicated that one third (35%) of our customers in the Oil and Gas sector, in which our business area currently operates, are looking to increase investment in renewable energy in 2019. A quarter (25%) said that their organizations will boost investment in gas-focused projects and portfolios. This is feedback which we cannot ignore and so we have stepped up to the mark."

Corin will be engaged in developing solutions for customers related to the energy transition, and in particular the decarbonization of energy sources. Prior to joining DNV GL, Corin was a Director at United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas (UKOOG), he also heads the decarbonized Gas Alliance (DGA) where his main aim is to promote the use of the entire gas system – including hydrogen and biogases – to help deliver the UK emission reduction and air quality goals.

He said, "I am delighted to be joining DNV GL, and look forward to working with DNV GL's world class experts to help deliver a faster energy transition through the gas system, which is so vital to all our lives."

Hari Vamadevan, Regional Manager, UK and West Africa, DNV GL - Oil & Gas said, "When our customers talk to us, we listen. We hear more and more about decarbonisation. Gas will overtake oil to become the world’s largest energy source in the 2020s, our customers are adapting and we are already in the game through projects such as H21, Real Time Networks and Future Billing. They are all projects that are preparing the way for different gases such as hydrogen to be delivered though our pipeline network. Of course, when talking about hydrogen we cannot fail to mention carbon capture and storage (CCS) which is intrinsically linked to the successful application of alternative gases to the gas transmission system."

Download a complimentary copy of the DNV GL report - A test of resilience: