DNV GL joins forces with Authentic Vision to explore solutions for product and supply chain traceability

Agreement signals mutual intent to collaborate in the area of blockchain enabled service offerings for product traceability, anti-counterfeit and digital assurance.

DNV GL is teaming up with Authentic Vision to further advance its digital assurance solutions for key industries. The collaboration addresses a growing need for innovative solutions that track products throughout their life-cycle, enhance supply chain transparency and increase trustworthiness in the authenticity of consumer products. The partnership will initially focus on solutions for a range for industries including food & beverage, fashion & garments and automotive.

A key element of the collaboration with Authentic Vision is to identify and develop blockchain enabled service offerings for anti-counterfeiting, authentication, product traceability and digital assurance. Authentic Vision’s patented holographic fingerprint tag securely links the physical world to digital blockchain technologies enabling new immutable digital assurance solutions from DNV GL able to verify a product’s origin and authenticity. These innovations allow companies to worry less about lost revenues due to counterfeiting and mitigate liability due to counterfeit products while ensuring authenticity for consumer products.

“Companies are facing greater demands to demonstrate product quality and environmental impact from their operations to succeed in the market place. Unfortunately, companies excelling in these dimensions are also prone to counterfeits and fraud. In order to protect product and brand integrity, it is important to have secure tagging and tracing solutions in place, allowing the end user to trust the product’s origin. We believe that the collaboration with Authentic Vision can bring new and highly valuable elements into our suite of supply chain assurance solutions,” says Renato Grottola, Global Director for M&A and Digital Transformation in DNV GL - Business Assurance.

“In many industries, the ability of companies to provide assurances that products are authentic is critical to protecting their investments in product innovation and brand trust. Consumers want to know that they are buying authentic branded products rather than counterfeit products. Our collaboration with DNV GL can provide new anti-counterfeiting, authentication and traceability solutions to the industry that leverage our holographic fingerprint tag, analytics and provide companies with tools to protect their investment, brand and reputation,” noted Thomas Weiss, CEO and Founder, Authentic Vision.