DNV GL joins EU initiative to develop blockchain solutions and new global standards

Brussels, 03 April 2019 – DNV GL is among the founding members of INATBA, the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications, an EU backed initiative aiming to create a framework that will allow blockchain to flourish.

DNV GL - Business Assurance CEO Luca Crisciotti

The members of INATBA will promote an open and transparent governance model that serves stakeholders in the private and public sectors. 

INATBA has the following main objectives:

  • Promote an open, transparent and inclusive global model of governance for blockchain and other distributed ledger technology infrastructures and applications. A model that reflects the shared interests of stakeholders from industry, start-ups and SMEs, civil society organizations, governments and international organizations. 
  • Support the development and adoption of interoperability guidelines, specifications and global standards, to enhance trusted, traceable, user-centric digital services. Upholding an open, transparent and inclusive method of multi-stakeholder cooperation. 
  • Develop sector-specific guidelines and specifications for the development and acceleration of trusted sectorial blockchain and DLT applications in specific sectors (i.e.financial services, health, supply chain, energy and financial inclusion). 

DNV GL has already deployed blockchain based solutions such as My Story™, powered by VeChainThor, which tells the verified history of a product, giving the consumers confidence in what they are buying and allowing brands to differentiate themselves. Bridging trust gaps is important across industry sectors with increasingly complex supply chains, where consumers have a strong and justified need for verified product information.  

“Blockchain is an inherently transparent technology that is already enhancing many of our verification and certification processes,” said Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL-Business Assurance. “Establishing INATBA will facilitate an open dialogue between stakeholders and establish a framework that documents best practices, which will build society-wide confidence in blockchain. We look forward to engaging with partners across the entire blockchain ecosystem.” 

About DNV GL Business Assurance 

DNV GL is one of the world’s leading certification bodies. We help businesses manage risk and assure the performance of their organizations, products, people, facilities and supply chains through certification, verification, assessment and training services. We combine technical, digital and industry expertise to empower companies’ decisions and actions.  DNV GL has partnerships with multiple technology providers, such as blockchain provider VeChain. We continually expand our ecosystem of partners to bring a wide range of innovative solutions to the market. Working with our customers and partners, we build sustainable business performance and solutions, creating stakeholder trust across all types of industries.   


For more information, visit the INABTA website


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