DNV GL hosts anniversary event at Spadeadam testing and research facility

The UK Explosion Liaison Group (UKELG) is to hold its 35th anniversary event at DNV GL’s Spadeadam Testing and research facility, in Cumbria.

The event is to be held from 10th to 12th October 2017.

The subject matter will include High Explosives; Dust Explosions; Hydrogen Explosions; Deflagration to Detonation Transition (DDT) and High Consequence Deflagrations. The content will be an interactive mixture of presentations and live demonstrations including a full scale vented gas explosion.

Imperial College Professor Hans Michels, Chair of the UKELG Committee says: “Over the years the UKELG has been fortunate with the good support received from academia, industry and government and independent establishments. Our bi-annual one-day discussion meetings have selectively considered a great variety of individual topics; of these, some have also been revisited, often in response to interest and requests from our participants.”

He continues “at its intermittent three-day anniversary milestone meetings the UKELG has the opportunity to focus on a wider and more comprehensive overview of our field of interest, while also finding time to enjoy the collegiality of our interest group. Few locations within the UK can offer the technical facilities and opportunities to make such an occasion a professionally relevant and celebratory event and we are therefore delighted to have been invited by Spadeadam on the occasion of our 35th anniversary year.” 

Dan Allason, DNV GL Head of Research and Innovation at the site and UKELG committee member adds “We are delighted that UKELG are holding this anniversary event at the facility. Members of the group have a wealth of experience and Spadeadam is an ideal environment in which to explore and analyse explosions, their impact and mitigation” He adds “ We will be making this an event that will differ from any other as we have the experience and facilities to demonstrate explosions in various scenarios.”

The event is open to both members and non-members of UKELG.

For further information on UKELG event:

Official UKELG Website: http://ukelg.ps.ic.ac.uk/

Official UKELG Announcement: http://ukelg.ps.ic.ac.uk/Fann58v2.doc

To enrol contact: karen.armstrong@dnvgl.com