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DNV GL appoints UK decommissioning lead

DNV GL has appointed Neil Fraser as their new UK decommissioning lead.

Neil Fraser, UK Decommissioning lead, DNV GL - Oil & Gas

Decommissioning activity is expected to grow in the coming years, with the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) predicting decommissioning costs of £59.7 billion for the North Sea - an estimate it wants to reduce by 35%.

Neil Fraser, who also heads up DNV GL’s Noble Denton marine services says:  “Decommissioning activity is predicted to grow over the next few years and it is time for us to step forward and share our expertise. Oil & Gas UK recently said that 11 decommissioning projects have been announced by companies this year and in the Chancellor’s, recent budget statement, he spoke of his aspiration to make Scotland a global hub for oilfield decommissioning, all good news for the supply chain. DNV GL is uniquely placed to offer decommissioning stakeholders, and the supporting supply chain, a tailored suite of risk management services, and our track record demonstrates that we serve as a trusted partner.” 

For more than a decade, DNV GL has supported platform removal operations from desktop assessments and offshore supervision to environmental and safety studies. Workscopes during dismantling and removal of major topsides have also included studies which balance efforts to control operational and technological risks in various decommissioning phases. Over the last few years, as the oil price decreased rapidly, the focus has been supporting operators with end of life operations and enhanced oil recovery. As the market stabilises, it is now more economically viable to consider decommissioning assets that naturally approach end of life.  

Hari Vamadevan, Regional Manager, UK and West Africa, DNV GL - Oil & Gas says “There has been a resurgence of collaborative discussions between operators, contractors, professional bodies and the government preparing the way for cheaper but safe and sustainable decommissioning approaches and practices. It is important that we are supportive of the industry at all phases of an assets lifecycle.” 

The scale of decommissioning activities DNV GL supports globally has ranged from whole platforms to individual work packages and isolated subsea infrastructure. High profile completed or ongoing North Sea decommissioning projects with DNV GL involvement include,  in the UK: Brents, Amethyst, Maureen, Miller, Murchison, NW Hutton, and Welland; offshore Norway: Asgard, Ekofisk and Frigg.

DNV GL has developed, over many years, a range of standards, recommended practices and guidance notes that assist stakeholders identify and manage their risks during an asset decommissioning  phase.