Boost My Audit digital tool updated

The latest version further helps companies focus management system audits, improve business excellence and sustainability performance.

Boost My Audit is a digital tool developed by DNV to help companies improve their management systems where it matters most to their business. When conducting audits, DNV uses its proprietary methodology Risk Based Certification™. Companies are asked to pick one or more Focus Area(s) of particular relevance to their business goals. The auditor will check how well the management system supports these Focus Areas in addition to checking compliance with the chosen standard. The most useful Focus Areas have been collated in Boost My Audit. Today it holds more than 200.

“We saw that the focus areas chosen tended to reflect what companies perceived to be their biggest risks but also opportunities to drive business excellence. Seeing how the Focus Areas helped companies improve, we decided to openly share the insight with all customers together with a corresponding checklist for audits,” says Mauro Crippa, Market Intelligence Manager in Business Assurance.

In the latest version, 15 new focus areas reflecting aspects critical to build business excellence have been added. Moreover, with companies increasingly being pushed to perform and prove their sustainability performance, all focus areas are now connected to the relevant UN SDG goal(s) and ESG topic.

“Our objective is to help our customers go beyond compliance and develop high-performing management systems that support their business goals. Especially connecting the focus areas to the UN SDG goals and the ESG dimensions should help companies further in building management systems that goes beyond what the ISO standard asks and truly supports the business in achieving its strategic objectives,” says Stefano Crea, Global Market Director in Business Assurance.