Barbara Frencia elected IIOA Chair

Barbara Frencia, CEO of Business Assurance in DNV, was appointed to her new tenure at the recent Independent International Organization (IIOA) meeting in Greater China.

IIOA Chief Executive Marcus Long is pleased to confirm Barbara Frencia, CEO of Business Assurance in DNV, as the new IIOA Chair and Chair designate.  After being the Deputy Chair and Chair designate for the last two years, Barbara will now lead the IIOA for the next twp.

"IIOA is delighted to welcome Barbara as the new IIOA Chair. Barbara embodies the principles IIOA works to, ensuring the assurance and trust delivered by all its members delivers real value and benefit to those who rely on them." says Marcus Long.

IIOA – the Independent International Organisation for Assurance – is a trade association comprised of leading global assurance bodies such as DNV.  At its heart is the absolute focus on developing and delivering assurance and building trust. IIOA works to drive more value and work closely with companies, standards-developmers and accreditation communities to advance.

The announcement was made at the recent IIOA meeting in Greater China, where the IIOA board were gathered to gain further insight into the Chinese market, discuss sustainability and how third party services can help companies reach their UN SDG ambitions, and assurance in artifical intelligence.

"I am very honored to be elected to lead the IIOA for the next two years. With the challenges facing companies today, like delivering on ESG and SDG demands or safely adopting AI, assurance has a greater role to play than ever in managing risks, delivering on commitments and guiding innovation for better, more sustainable business and planet" says Barbara Frencia.