Amp up your management system with DNV’s self-assessment suite

Measuring your understanding of a standard and readiness of your management system is made more accessible with DNV.

Adequately supporting your business goals requires a management system that is well designed, implemented and continuously improved. DNV’s online self-assessment suite brings value to you by bridging your knowledge gap and helping measure your own understanding of a chosen standard and the actual readiness of your management system. A cohesive report is generated which assigns a quantitative score based on the assessment to reveal what works well and where there are gaps to be improved.

The self-assessment suite covers all the crucial management system standards from quality and environment to food safety. Through this suite based on our experts’ knowledge of the standards, auditing expertise and data, you get an in-depth understanding of your readiness, a baseline toward the standard and where to target improvement efforts.

“We are glad to prove our customer-centricity by providing an efficient, structured approach to our customers as they gear up to prepare for certification audit(s). The self-assessment suite is an effective tool to help you drive continual improvement. It equips you to set quantitative targets for specific areas and regularly measure progress, so you continually measure and improve the performance of your management system,” says Mauro Crippa, Market Intelligence Manager in Business Assurance.

The self-assessment suite was developed to also support individual learning. Customers are encouraged to extend the learning process into their working environment in order to leverage on the tool’s automated feedback and seamlessly implement assessment findings directly into their organizations.

DNV encourages our customers to be innovative and forward-thinking. From training and preparing for your first audit to improving your management system and maintaining your certification, our extensive offer always includes our technical experts, risk-based approach and digital tools.