Traceable trusted certificates​

Secure, instant, assured

All our management systems, products and supply chain certificates are saved in DNV’s secure certificate storage in an Azure private cloud. It allows anyone to instantly confirm that a certificate is valid and up to date.

People do business with companies they trust. DNV has been in the business of building trust for more than 160 years. Making sure that all certificates issued by DNV are securely stored and traceable at any time allows our customers to be transparent and demonstrate compliance to rules and standards that can be trusted by their stakeholders.

About DNV’s secure certificate storage
DNV issues and stores all certificates digitally in an Azure private cloud. This enables heightened information security and ensures that certificates are accessible for validation at any time. In parallel, the details of each certificate are managed in DNV’s production system

Only DNV can create new certificates and update data while anyone can access the secure storage to validate certificate status and details.

Checking a certificate’s validity

All certificates have an embedded QR code that when scanned with a mobile device starts a lookup on DNV’s secure certificate storage. Anyone can at any time check and verify a company's claims of a valid certificate, its scope and details. This can also be checked by using the public certificate checker  on DNV’s website. 

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  How do I validate a certificate?

How do I validate a certificate?

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