Food Fraud: Complimentary Whitepaper

Managing the risks to protect your consumers and brand

This complimentary whitepaper is designed to explain the origins and types of food fraud that commonly occur, and the increasing challenge that food fraud poses. The content relates to the whole food production and supply chain and aims to help you protect your consumers and brand from falling victim to food fraud. It defines what food fraud is, explains the different types of fraud, and reviews the drivers and impacts. It also sets out how food fraud can be combatted by suggesting mitigation techniques and technologies that can be adopted to deter, detect, and prevent food fraud.

What you will learn:

  • Gain an understanding of the various types of food fraud and understand the definitions used
  • Understand the challenges and responsibilities for the food industry
  • Insights into the food products most at risk of food fraud
  • Strategies to combat food fraud
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