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Finding solutions for the UN SDGs: The Global Opportunity explorer

The Global opportunity Explorer, developed by DNV GL in conjunction with the UN Global Compact and Sustainia, helps companies find solutions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  From solar powered microgrids to shoes made from plastic waste, the Explorer covers ten sectors and is based on a 5-year research programme involving around 18,000 business leaders.

You can find examples of sustainable solutions and market opportunities on the Explorer, which can be filtered by individual Goals, to find tailored solutions for a particular industry sector, linked to a particular Goal, or across all SDGs.  It also provides a platform for local and global businesses to connect with new partners to identify innovative solutions.  The platform relies on continuous co-creation and crowdsourcing to expand the existing pool of sustainable innovation.

Everybody can nominate and contribute solutions through the platform’s submissions page, so if you have a solution for the SDGs, log on and click submit! Everyone agrees that fulfilling the critical ambitions of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will take an unprecedented effort by all sectors in society. Nonetheless, as DNV GL’s Future of Spaceship Earth research points out, none of the SDGs will be met in any regions of the world at the current pace. We need to step up our collective efforts to reach the Goals.

Business has a significant role to play in delivering and supporting the additional action, as societal expectations are on the rise. However, businesses are still in the process of understanding how SDGs link to their core business strategy, how their operations and growth plans can support national governments in achieving the SDGs, in turn providing them with a competitive advantage, and reducing long-term organizational risks. 

If you’ve been wondering what solutions are out there for your industry sector, take a look at the website  or contact