Transition to GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Version 6

Integrated Farm Assurance standard

The updated GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Version 6

Version 6 of GLOBALG.A.P. IFA was released in September 2022. The main changes in v6. relate to a simplified structure and language and extended criteria on sustainability, animal-welfare and continuous improvement at producer level. Moreover, there are a few important changes to the general regulations:
  • Self-assessment contains comments for all non-applicable and non-compliant Major and Minor Must criteria.
  • 10% of unannounced audits by certification bodies. This 10% is no longer counted as additional audits but included in the original number of certification audits.
  • Three-year cycle rule (with an annual on-site audit) further reduces the content of the checklist to the applicable points and shortens the on-site audit duration.

Transition timeline

Version 6 is released in two parallel editions: IFA v6 Smart and IFA v6 GFS. GFSI requirements are not relevant for all producers. A split allows for Smart to have simplified checklists, be outcome oriented and customized. For those requiring certification to a GFSI recognized standards, GFS would be the preferred choice.

Depending on the edition you have chosen:

  • IFA v6 Smart is obligatory from 1 January 2024. After this date, no further audits against IFA v5.2 may be conducted.
  • IFA v6 GFS, relevant for scopes Fruit & Vegetables (now Plants) and Aquaculture, becomes obligatory three months after recognition by GFSI is achieved. GlobalG.A.P. estimates this to happen in the last half of 2024. Until the recognition is confirmed, audits will be performed to version 5.4-1-GFS for companies needing GFSI recognized certification.

GLOBALG.A.P. has confirmed that two additional product categories under the Plants scope of IFA v6 will undergo public consultation in 2023: plant propagation material (PPM) and combinable crops (CC). IFA v6 PPM and IFA v6 CC will become obligatory in January 2025. 

Revised add-ons.
The transition includes a number of changes to the add-ons:

  • GRASP v2.
Starting in January 2024, this new version of GRASP will be mandatory. Audits or assessments to IFA v5 or GRASP v1.3-1 will not be allowed from January 2024 and onwards. Note for companies certified to IFA v5.4-1: Audits can still be done to GRASP 1.3-1 after January 2024, pending the IFA v6 GFS recognition by GFSI.
  • Other add-ons.
Several others have undergone revisions recently to align with the new IFA v6 versions. From 1 January 2024, all upcoming add-on audits in conjunction with IFA v6 Smart/GFS will be conducted to the new versions and producers must utilize the updated checklist for their self-assessments. The following add-ons have been released:
  • SPRING v 2.0 -.
  • AH-DLL GROW v3.1 -.
  • GGFSA V3.0 -

Preparing for implementation

We recommend that you start preparing for the transition as soon as possible and properly plan how to implement required changes into your management system.

Recommended steps:

  • Get to know the updated standard, focusing on the changes.
  • Train relevant personnel in your organization to ensure they understand the requirements and key changes.
  • Identify gaps to be addressed and establish an implementation plan.
  • Update your management system and implement actions.

How can DNV help?

Whether looking to transition or starting your certification journey, DNV can be your partner. We offer transition and standard training, self-assessments, gap analysis and certification.