Frequently asked questions about the name change to DNV

On 1 March 2021 DNV GL will become DNV. Find answers to frequently asked questions about how the name change will happen and what the change will mean for you.

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Will certificates issued by DNV GL be changed? 

All certificates with DNV GL name and logo will still be valid. For management system and product certification, issuing of new DNV branded certificates will start from 1 March. The transition timeline for existing management system certificates is 3 years and 5 years for product certificates. For issuing of new vessel certificates, the transition to new DNV branded certificates will follow a planned process, and will primarily be done at the first upcoming periodical survey for the vessels. 

What are the other implications of the name change for me as a customer? 

Email addresses for DNV employees have changed from to Please ensure that you use the right email address in the future. Many of our legal entity names have also changed, but the transition to DNV will take many months and the DNV GL name and logo will co-exist with DNV name and logo for the whole of 2021. 

Will our existing contracts with DNV GL be affected? 

No, all contracts remain valid.

Will you change your company name/legal entity name?

Yes, our legal company names are changing from DNV GL to DNV, but for some countries, this change will only happen later in the year. 

Are there any changes to your VAT, organization number, or banking details with the change to DNV?

No, our VAT and organization number stay the same.

Our banks and bank account numbers will not change as part of this rebrand and legal entity names changes. We are emphasizing this point as we know that potential fraudsters might want to take advantage of our name change process. As a general note a bank account change and changes in payment details from DNV will only happen following strict procedures, and will never be based on email only. We would strongly recommend all our customers to have additional verification processes and checks for all bank details changes to reduce the risk of fraudulent changes taking place.

(If you do experience any form of fraud attempts – please report this to DNV)

Will we need to update our certification marks issued by DNV GL? 

No, your certification marks with DNV GL name and logo will still be valid. The transition to new DNV-branded certification marks will start from March and be rolled out throughout 2021. There is no need to immediately change/update any marketing material or packaging you may have with DNV GL logo. The DNV GL and DNV brand will live side by side for a while. The projected transition timeline for existing marks is 3 years for management systems and 5 years for product certification.

Will the name change affect the naming of the class rules? 

Later this year, we will update the naming of our rules, standards, guidelines, other related service documents and compliance documents. They will be rebranded, reviewed and amended to the extent necessary to reflect the change of the company name and the updated visual profile. This is carried out during 2021. The rebranding and amendments solely being a result of the company name change, will not render any relevant service or compliance documents non-valid for previous, ongoing or future projects/vessels/units. This information has also been included in our General regulations of the rules DNVGL-RU-GEN-0587 General regulations.  

Will the Plimsoll mark on ships classed by DNV GL be changed? 

The Plimsoll mark on existing ships will not change and will remain valid. For future newbuilds, it will be changed to "NV", which was also used by DNV before the merger with GL. 

Will approval stamps used by DNV GL also change? 

Our stamps and seal currently in use will remain valid. New versions with the new DNV logo will be made available later in 2021. 

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