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DNV Carbon Neutrality Protocol

Carbon Neutrality

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Demonstrate your commitment to reduce emissions through carbon neutrality.

Consumers are increasingly selecting companies that operate sustainably and demonstrate their commitment to the environment. By being verified to our Carbon Neutrality Protocol, you communicate that you go beyond standard legal obligations and have taken measures to neutralize your Green House Gas (GHG) emissions through quantification, reduction and offset measures.  

The  approach 

You define the scope of GHG-neutrality. It may encompass an entire organization or parts of it, or the focus can be on a specific product or service. The timeframe can be permanent or temporary, for example related to a specific event.

Actions undertaken to neutralize GHG emissions shall be made public in a document declaring GHG neutrality. In order for the Declaration of Neutrality to be validated by DNV, the organization responsible shall:

  • Identify the international reference standards for GHG emissions monitoring and reporting to which it undertakes to comply.
  • Define the operational boundaries and any exclusions.
  • Establish a GHG emissions reduction plan, monitor progress and calculate the effects.
  • Neutralize residual GHG emissions.

Benefits – what do you get?

Compliance with the DNV Carbon Neutrality Protocol results in:

  • An independent third party verification statement that you comply with internationally recognized standards and established requirements for neutrality and reporting.
  • Permission to use the “DNV Carbon Neutral” certification mark during the validity period.

Adherence to the Protocol enables you to send a strong signal to your stakeholders that you are a frontrunner in the greener economy and enable you to stand out from the competition.

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