Global opportunities

International flags

Working with us, you will have opportunities to work outside your home country on both short and long-term assignments. We have more than 300 offices in almost 100 countries. 

As well as longer term expatriate assignments, there are many employees working on short-term projects outside their home country. Even if you do remain in one location, you will work with colleagues from different cultures and with challenging international customers.

Some of the international opportunities we offer include:

  • Expatriate assignments which provide opportunities within the managerial and technical fields of expertise. The duration of these assignments is normally 1-3 years, with possibilities for extension.
  • A dedicated job rotation programme which allows newly hired employees to go through a 3-6 month induction period and then work abroad for 1-2 years, before returning to their home country.
  • The knowledge booster programme which aims to stimulate knowledge-sharing across units and countries by sending employees to DNV GL offices abroad, usually for a few months. These short-term assignments are linked to both project work and specific training initiatives.