Red Cross

We are in our 10th anniversary year of a strategic partnership with the Norwegian Red Cross. The multi level partnership aims to increase the capacity of the Red Cross to carry out humanitarian work as well as creating opportunities for our employees to be involved in worthwhile and rewarding volunteer activities in support of Red Cross projects. It also helps us understand humanitarian situations in the regions where we operate.  

We fund selected international Red Cross projects in countries where we have a strong presence, as well as provide expert advice and skills based on our professional services within disaster preparedness, risk management and resilience planning.  

Water and sanitation being an acute worldwide issue, DNV GL decided to put this at the very centre of the partnership.

Projects supported

  • China: Supported Red Cross water and sanitation for 61 homes in Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province with 250 KNOK. 
  • Vietnam: Supported water and sanitation projects in Lao Cai province with 250 KNOK. 56 households and one school benefited.
  • Philippines: Rebuilt 800 homes with latrines worth 200 KNOK on Samar Island after Typhoon Haiyan.
  • Strategic partnership: The Red Cross acted as a sounding board on Innovation Project Aqua Recovery and the Global Opportunity Report.

People involvement 

  • Norway: Our people are involved in volunteering and fundraising for the Red Cross. We contribute toward literacy help and equal opportunities for underprivileged children.
  • Vietnam: Employees have been involved in Red Cross initiatives including projects to support the development of agriculture/ hygiene/education in poor parts of the country. 

Extraordinary help

Donation campaigns by DNV GL employees toward Ebola (matched by DNV GL), the Balkans' floods and Water for life totalled 150 KNOK.

Partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross 

In 2014 DNV GL signed a co-operation agreement with The Netherlands Red Cross to contribute to improving unsafe and life-threatening situations in society by means of delivering its technical expertise and financial means. This partnership, which fully supports DNV GL’s purpose of safeguarding life, property and the environment, will help DNV GL in the Netherlands to enhance its relationships with Dutch stakeholders, increase its brand awareness and create pride and enthusiasm amongst its employees in the Netherlands. The partnership consists of the following three elements.  

Through its donation to the Prinses Margriet Fund DNV GL will offer direct and practical aid for countries and organizations to be better prepared for disasters, thus reducing the impact of natural disasters and saving lives.  

In the Disaster Relief Partner Program DNV GL will ‘adopt’ one or two disasters per year that normally would not get much public attention. By special Red Cross tools such as a web-based fund raising tool DNV GL employees can start their fund raising activities for these specific emergencies, ensuring attention and aid for the disaster and ensuring involvement from employees to the disaster. 

To increase safety-awareness of DNV GL employees in the Netherlands, all employees will be offered a Red Cross first-aid course over the next two years, teaching them first-aid skills and help them better withstand an emergency, at work or in private circumstances.