Chinese Vice Minister visits DNV headquarters to promote green Expo. Talks demonstrate mutual commitment towards combating climate change issues.

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B. Haugland and ViceMinister Yaoping 181pxl
Chinese Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping seen here with DNV’s Chief Operating Officer Bjorn K. Haugland at DNV’s headquarters in Norway.
ViceMinister Yaoping speaking
Chinese Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping speaking at the business seminar promoting the China International Green Industry Expo 2010.

On the occasion of the visit DNV Chief Operating Officer Bjørn K Haugland hosted a business seminar, which demonstrated a mutual commitment from both Chinese and Norwegian public and private actors towards the common cause of combating climate change.

Vice Minister Jiang Yaoping’s participation in a business seminar at DNV headquarters was a part of his official visit to Norway to promote the China International Green Industry Expo 2010. While at DNV headquarters the Vice Minister was accompanied by a business delegation counting 30 representatives of Chinese businesses and ministries. The business seminar, which was organised by the Norwegian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and facilitated by DNV, saw a total of 60 participants, including representatives from Norwegian authorities and the renewable energy sector.

In his address Mr Haugland reminded the audience of the obligation shared by Chinese and Norwegian private and public actors towards combating climate change. “Climate change affects us all. And we all share an obligation to steer away from the deteriorating path we’re currently on. The China International Green Industry Expo provides a great arena for further strengthening and reinforcing the collective efforts we’ve seen over the past years. I applaud the Chinese government for this important and timely undertaking.”

Focusing on green industries
The Green Expo is organised by the Chinese Government and opens in ten weeks – on 24 November - in the Beijing Exhibition Centre. The Expo will focus on clean energy, energy conservation, emission-reduction, environmental protection as well as low-carbon technologies. The event also provides an exhibition opportunity for businesses and authorities to display first-class technologies and products from the green and renewable technology sectors.